Saturday, March 7, 2009


This entry is essentially your Easy Bake Oven Safety 101. The oven packaging cautions users on a number of fronts. These dangers are not to be taken lightly. We're talking 100 watts of raw heating power! Do any of us really know how fiery that is? Let me tell you, it must be scorching because the operator's manual lists “HOT” twice in the safety precautions. TWICE! The pans will be hot and the oven itself will be hot, as the instructions plainly state. When moving items into the oven and on through to the cooling chamber, the pan pusher must be utilized. You must respect the light bulb at all times. Please know that fingers do not make all that good of a pan pusher.

Consider yourself warned to this clear and present danger. When you follow all operating instructions to the letter, you'll bake easier and happier!

Love, Cookie B.


Sous Chef Shelby said...

Great advice, Cookie! There's nothing worse than a hot bulb blister.

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