Friday, March 20, 2009


Hallelujah! The end of the work week is upon us. And what better way to unwind than with a happy-hour snack? Today, Lightbulb Cuisine is serving up French fries! So pour yourself a cocktail and let's have some spuds.

I like my fries sprinkled with Tony Chachere's creole spices. The spicy zip of the fries complimented by sweet, tomato-y ketchup is heavenly.

What you'll need for fry-day fries:

  • French fries
  • Tony Chachere's creole spices
  • A cocktail

Preheat the oven for 15 minutes. Spray the bottom of the pan with oil. Pop the fries into the pan and slide the pan into the oven. Bake for 30 minutes. Move the pan to the cooling chamber, and start another pan to crisp. Continue until enough is enough. Or until your cocktail is finished, and you need to have a little lie down.

That's Easy Baking! Have a wonderful FRY-DAY.

Love, Cookie B.


Anonymous said...

Cookie, I love fries and I love Tony Chachere's. I wonder if this recipe would work in a normal sized oven. Sadly, I don't have an EBO.


The Diva on a Diet said...

I wonder how much is enough? Two pans? Three? I've got my cocktail ready, now I just need to get baking. Love the use of Chachere's here ... and your suggestion of a lie-down. What a yummy fry-day!

Lo-retta said...

The real question is...what kind of cocktail would go best with Fry-day fries? Cosmos, margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, or that King of many cocktails and so little time...

Cookie Brochette said...

Cindy--What is this "normal sized oven" of which you speak? And...NO EBO?! ~cocks head to side~

Diva--My guess is *enough* is when there's no more cherry heering!

Lo-retta--I'm so glad you asked about the proper cocktail, because I happen to know just the one. You'll need to see the Diva...
Beach Eats, Thirty Thursday

Love, Cookie B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cookie,
Tammy here, I just cracked a Bud light (watching my weight) and shoved some fries into the Easy Bake. Thanks again for your great recipes, like I said the oven's broke and the fries kept falling through the grill grate. I guess I never thought of puttin them in the EBO.
Love ya Cookie!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Thanks for the linkage, dearest Cookie! In that same vein, I've left a little something for you on my blog today.

Have a delicious weekend!

Laurie said...

Cookie, Your blog is great! What an original concept. I ADORED my easy bake oven when I was a kid. Perhaps that little oven is why I love to cook today.

Candice said...

Baked fried loaded with Tony C's is a favorite of mine!!!

Great minds think alike :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate seeing new faces.

Julia D said...

So what's in Tony C's? I'm living in England at the mo, so that brand isn't available. Is it Chili powder? Garlic? Cumin? Inquiring minds want to know...


Cookie Brochette said...

Tammy--Glad you no longer have to pick the fries out of the grill!

Laurie--Yes, the EBO is always a fave!

Candice--Glad to see you here, too!

Julia--Tony C's is a spicy New Orleans cajun blend of seasonings...mainly salt, red pepper, cayenne and garlic. Good to see you here!