Thursday, March 19, 2009


As all great chefs know, having the proper tools is essential. Even the Gods as Hasbro are aware of that. They have designed and successfully marketed a line of “Easy Bake Essentials.” For us at the Lightbulb Cuisine test kitchen, we have our own “essentials.”

Not a day goes by when sous chef Shelby or I don't clamber for the Williams-Sonoma mini rubber scrapers. These handy gadgets are the center of our stirring universe. When we need to get every smudge of tasty batter or dough out of a mixing bowl, we wouldn't dream of scraping with anything else.

Another of our kitchen faves is the mini whisk. When we need to whip a mixture into a fine froth, the mini whisk is our special go-to gadget.

And when we need to combine all those many teaspoons of ingredients, we find the Pampered Chef measuring spoons to be an indispensable essential. An inseparable indispensable essential even!

Would a golfer hit the links with a hockey stick? No! And you shouldn't use sub-par cooking tools. So don't bother messing about with your Easy Bake oven if you're ill equipped to take on the task at hand. Use my recommendations or find your own equivalents, so you, too, can bake easy!

Love, Cookie B.

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The Diva on a Diet said...

That mini rubber scraper is just darling! I must have it!