Sunday, March 8, 2009

A PEEL BY ANY OTHER NAME... just gauche.

According to the printed instructions, the cooking device that loosely resembles a shuffleboard cue, and is used to navigate food into and out of the oven, is called a “pan pusher.”

As members of the Easy Bake elite, do we even need to discuss the myriad reasons for why this is wrong? For simplicity sake, let's just say it's bourgeois. Everyone knows that a pusher is someone who tries to sell you drugs on the street like a common criminal. Calling this necessary cooking tool a pan pusher is terribly unprofessional. No one at The Rainbow Room or Le Cirque calls this type of item a pan pusher. The slovenly staff member who carelessly thrusts desserts and baked goods into an oven might be known as the pan pusher, but the device itself is known as a peel in the culinary world, as everyone knows. Henceforth, let this essential Easy Bake gadget be known as the peel.

Happy baking!

Love, Cookie B.


Carol said...

You are way too funny! Love this. Congats to you Cookie and Sous Chef Shelby. I shall look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Cookie Brochette said...

G'day mate! Glad you could stop by. I hope you find delicious ideas to make for you and yours down under. :-)

Love, Cookie B.

The Diva on a Diet said...

The term "pusher" is both common and vulgar. I, for one, am glad you've righted this terrible wrong, Cookie. Brava! *Peels* for everyone!