Monday, April 6, 2009

It's not always "Easy"

There are rare days when things don't always go as planned at the Lightbulb Cuisine test kitchen. Once in a great while they go horribly wrong.

Sous chef Shelby and I were trying our collective hand at hash browns in the Easy Bake oven. We like ours crisp with onion and ground pepper. Mmmm! But sadly, our hearts were broken today. It seems that the fiery hot bulb is no match for a starchy tuber. As you can plainly see, what we ended up with was a dried out, graying mass of distasteful-looking shredded potatoes.

Blech. :-P

I decided to go ahead and write about it, not because I'm proud of our failure today, but to demonstrate that even the finest chefs have kitchen catastrophes. How you overcome is the key to culinary success. Sous chef Shelby and I resigned ourselves to heavenly hash browns on the range instead. Pass the ketchup!

Any kitchen catastrophes you'd like to share?

Love, Cookie B.


Lidian said...

Cookie - You, me and Julia Child! I always loved her ability to carry on even when she'd dropped stuff or goofed up.

Let's see, I've made muffins without greasing the pan (those looked lovely!) and sad little Yorkshire puddings that lay down flat instead of puffing up. I have no idea what went wrong there.

And I tried to make quiche once in a dorm oven with a broken temperature dial. My boyfriend took one look and said "What is THAT?" Indeed, what was it? Who knew.

I married him anyway, though not for quite awhile.

The Diva on a Diet said...

The spud is mightier than the bulb?! Huh. Bummer. Glad you found way to get your hash browns on though.

Failures? I've had several ... those pumpkin cookie/muffins come to mind! And, I once made the most dreadful potato soup - I used a jar of pickled jalapenos because my market didn't have the fresh ones that day. BIG mistake. Just completely inedible. We tossed the whole batch and I had spent the day cooking it. Sad. :(

Debbie said...

No wonder you're struggling with your Monday. Betrayed by the there anything worse??

Anonymous said...

Have I told you about the time I was making hard boiled eggs and forgot them? That is until they exploded all over the kitchen. :-|


Easy Mim said...

Dear Cookie,
That old stand-by , tuna casserole, tastes much better when the macaroni is boiled before baking. OOPS!!!

Cookie Brochette said...

~sigh~ I suppose it happens to the best of us, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your stories gals!

Cookie B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cookie,
I sure do know about kitchen disasters, like the time Cletus wanted Spicy Armadillo, since he found one free on the side of the road. Who knew you were supposed to take it out of the shell. That's why the oven's broke. That Armadillo exploded all over the place. And boy did it smell! We moved out of the trailer for 3 nights following the Armadillo explosion. Do you have an Armadillo recipe for the Easy Bake? Cletus sure was sorry he didn't get to eat the last one.

Matt said...

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