Thursday, April 9, 2009

The EBO: A Celeb Favorite

Straight from the pages of People magazine! They asked a number of celebrities, "What was your favorite childhood toy?" and it should come as no surprise that the highly coveted Easy Bake Oven was on the list.

Says Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon:
"Easy Bake Oven. I loved mixing the cake batter and seeing it rise through the window, then eating it with my friends. It was a girlie thing to do."

A fabulous endorsement! What was YOUR favorite childhood toy?

Love, Cookie B.


Veriance said...

If my MEAN and overly protective parents had let me have an EBO, I'm sure it would've been my fave. BTAIM, I did enjoy the Barbie Dream House.

Anonymous said...

I never did get an EBO, even though I always wanted one. My Barbies were my fave toys.


Laurie said...

I grew up fairly poor, but Christmas was huge - and thankfully my parents did in fact buy me an Easy Bake oven.

But we never had the money for the little replacement packets of cake mixes, etc. and it never occurred to my mother to adapt recipes.

Kudos to you for being such a great Mom. This will be a memory that lasts forever...

Lidian said...

I always wanted an EBO too, but I never got one. Like Veriance, my parents were worriers and - you know, ovens, kids etc etc. But I really did want one!